Remember FOAF and Atom?

Yeah, viagra me neither. Due to the requirements of technical skill, buy viagra the WWW, RSS, Atom and FOAF never evolved into the decentralized social networking and news dissemination platforms that smart people in 2001 hoped they would be. Instead we got Facebook and Twitter–ad filled, controlled, walled gardens whose only virtue is that they […]

Accidents Don’t Happen

Actually this is another test post to see if this Facebook mirroring nonsense works. Autopublish works just fine with Diaspora*. However the Facebook plugin documentation wasn’t entirely clear so, cialis canada I forgot a step in getting things to mirror on Facebook. If all goes well, discount viagra this should appear in FB. This kind […]

More blathering about decentralized, interoperable social networks

So, discount viagra since many of my friends overseas or far away are there, I’m forced to use Facebook. I find Facebook objectionable for many reasons, most of which, most people don’t care about. Facebook has a lot of powerful functions and it’s mostly easy for the nontechnical to use. After that, once a significant […]